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Ubuntu – A Zulu word meaning togetherness and humanity to others.

We do make very tasty chocolate, but in the spirit of ubuntu please try and share.

At Ubuntu Chocolate as well as making delicious chocolate we aim to help preserve the lifestyles of indigenous communities that work with cocoa.

We also aim to help preserve tropical rainforest, the natural habitat of the cocoa tree. On our small farm in Sri Lanka we have planted some cocoa saplings which we hope one day to cultivate.

Guild of Fine FoodUbuntu Chocolate is a member of the Guild of Fine Food, champions of independent specialty retailers and producers of fine food.

Our aim is to develop a business that puts people at the centre, from farmers to customers. 
This means going beyong concepts of fair trade to a true partnership model and dedication to providing healthy, delicious recipes and fantastic experiences.

Ubuntu: We are all connected